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FGBMFI School of the Vision 

2023 Fall  FGBMFI Virtual School of the Vision

Why a School of the Vision?


In 1952 God gave Demos Shakarian, our FGBMFI Founder, a vision of a lost and hurting world and what the Body of Christ is to do.


That vision is as fresh today for our Fellowship as it was in 1952.


It is 12 weeks of discovering what Jesus wants from you, and the Body of Christ, as Lord in this season. 


What can I expect?


THE FGBMFI School of the Vision is not a conventional school to train the mind or teach skills for a profession.


It is a form of prophetic importation to well help our members be more RESPONSIVE to Jesus as Lord by the Holy Spirit. 


For instance, a senior member of one of the FGBMFI nations who reported with tears: "I've been in this Fellowship for 30 years and read the Happiest People on Earth when I first arrived. But this time, when I read that book in the School of the Vision, I asked the Lord to reveal the message that He had for me in those pages. I've been crying for three days! Jesus is on every page. I just didn't see Him like this before."


The School of the Vision is not an academic experience, it is a spiritual experience.


Every book that we review contains at least one key revelation from God to Demos Shakarian for Christian laymen. As we study each book, the Holy Spirit will impart this revelation to our students. It does not require scholastic preparation, it requires a willingness of heart to receive. (2 Timothy 2:2) 


Each class is an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to come into contact with the students and impart spiritual revelation about how they can cooperate with Him in His mission in the earth today.




Hear Demos in his own words, explain the vision God gave him, which gave birth to FGBMFI.

Demos Gives the Vision AudioDemos Shakarian
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Demos Shakarian's Books

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