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Men Get Ready and Mark Your Calendars! 
2022 North Carolina Men's Advance
March 11-13, 2022
Fort Caswell, NC

Here's what men have to say about our 2021 NC Men's Advance:

"I have been coming to the men's advance for over ten years. Its always an awesome experience. I look forward to it every year waiting to see what the lord is going to reveal to me next. If you are looking for a closer walk with the lord or just a more positive network of people in your life this advance can be a life changing experience. This organization has helped me to turn my life around since I joined. I thank God for these advances. My wife says I come back a better man and husband every year!"

Darrell Harris


"Whenever I speak about the FGBMFI Men’s Advance, I’m always encouraged to share the display of multiracial unity. For many, religion is something held close and considered personal, but to see men from the proverbial “different sides of the tracks" and especially in the spirit of the times, worshipping a God shrouded in misconception and vitriol, indicates to me that God is greater than man’s perspective. The Advance is not only for adult men but there is a place for the future men of the faith to be enlightened by and encouraged by these men who are prayerful and purpose driven. There is also an invitation extended to the youth to learn the ways for the often times rare “man of god". The group is encouraged to pray one for the other and also to share their individual testimony of how God is shaping and refining them. This invitation can completely reverse the indoctrination of guilt and hatred. If Psalm 133:1 can describe such a congregation, it is the ever strengthened brotherhood of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Men’s Advance."

John Deberry


"I came to the North Carolina Men's Advance from California because I needed to hear from the Lord.   


The moment I arrived at the amazing location for the advance I was blessed. It is right on the Atlantic Ocean, in a former military fort, and my Spirit soared. More so, three days of fellowship with men of God and, prayer together throughout the days, and anointed teaching from Elder Melvin Tolbert made this Advance a must for the rest of my life.


I was refreshed in the Spirit after so many battles during this pandemic, and the testimonies of teen boys and Fellowship brothers were so anointed and blessed everyone. I say these things because the Holy Spirit had His hand on this Advance. Every brother was a brother in all things of the Lord and of life, and it was a great joy to laugh and enjoy every moment together.


Yes, the Holy Spirit will bless you face to face, deep within your heart, and you will meet men you will know and fellowship with from now through eternity - what a fantastic thought! This Advance is

like nothing you have seen or attended, it is anointed in every footstep and every word, you will experience the truth of Christ's words, "thy will be done." 


You will be so deeply and wonderfully touched by the Holy Spirit. The Lord is so good to us. He gives us great fellowship and anointing and refreshing and teaching, and the home cooking is just spectacular.


I thank the Lord for my time there, I will ride the uplifting and teachings I received right through till the next one! "

Lorenzo (Larry) Porricelli


"Last years Advance was a confirmation of what the Lord has been speaking to me, that He was going to raise up a NEW GENERATION of young people to fulfill the Prophecy of Revelations. In the midst of plagues of prejudices, plagues of sicknesses,  plagues of torment, God is preparing  a generation that will hear God say,"

Arise and go over THIS Jordan unto a land I will show thee....as I was with Moses so shall I be with thee, I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee, only be strong and of good courage, for unto this people shalt thou divide for an inheritance  the land."


This generation will be the unveiling of the "Bride  of Christ."

Larry DeNofio


"Our FG Men’s advance in March has been one of my favorite “Brakes” for several years! Picture Yourself receiving a complete RECHARGE Spiritually and physically in a week end; However, it feels like you took a week off.  The Fellowship, Testimonies, Teachings, Interaction with FG Brothers and guest young men, Encouragement, Spiritual & Physical refreshment, Floods your Spirit, Mind, and Body.


Please allow me to encourage you, to give yourself and your loved ones a Treat! Go get “Recharged” at our FGBMFI Advance!


We Advance never Retreat! You will wonder why you don’t carve out the time to attend every year! Bring a needy brother and you both will get Blessed to be a Blessing!


Hope to see you there! In Jesus & FGBMFI USA!"

Joel Swallow

City Sky


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